Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap

Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap
Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap

Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap

We are Addicted to Chatting and We will be chatting in almost all places like bus stops, buses, trains, classrooms, home, office, etc. And People Besides you will be peeking on your screen and It won’t Be secure anymore.

Hide Chat Name is an app that instantly hides the name, Profile picture of the person with whom you are chatting on a single tap.

Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap
Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap

We Care for Your Privacy. Your Privacy Matters for Us.

Features of Our App :
* Now you can Add Fake Name, Give Fake Profile Picture, Show a Fake Status.
* Instant Guard Your Screen with a single tap on the floating icon.
* You can give a Fake name to the other person and people around you will think you are Chatting someone else.
* Direct Chat Feature with Our App Developer.
* Move the icon wherever possible and easy for you.

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Hide Chat Name 2.0 Update

* Now You Can Use FB and Insta Modes.
* Fake LockScreen Is available.* Stable Version by removing Major Bugs.
* Green Icon Appears Only Inside the Chatting App.
* App is available in English, German And Arabic Languages.

?? How to Download:-

  • Click above Download Button And it Redirected To Download Page
  • Please Wait… Download Button Will Be Appear After 30 seconds…..
  • Click “Download”
  • Now Your File is Downloading…

If in case you have any questions please contact me

Email ID:admin@techsiva.com


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